The Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine is located in Marshall, North Carolina, in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

This bioregion is one of the most ecologically diverse in all of North America. Here our students have enjoyed a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in healthy and dynamic ecologies, and to learn from the most powerful teachers of all, the plants themselves. Intimacy with Nature is a cornerstone of our teaching: through intimate connection, herbalists are able to share not only the incomparable healing powers of plants, but also the healing that comes from human reconnection to Nature. Although our training program is currently held online, these values and practices continue to infuse our offerings.

Herbal medicine is the medicine of the people. Our school evolved to meet the growing need for environmentally and socially conscious herbalists able to support their communities as healers, educators, and emissaries of the plants. From basic energetics and beginning botany, to medicine making and human physiology, all the way to herbal formulation and clinical skills, our program imparts the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for graduates to begin working as community herbalists.

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An Elemental Approach


It begins with connection. Roots deep in the fertile earth, nourishing connection to the land. Knowledge & skills: a strong foundation in the everyday practice of herbcraft, listening to nature, wild harvesting, gardening, and medicine making, grounded in care for life on Earth.


It’s all about the flows. Learning how energy moves in nature and in the human body and working with those flows. Cultivating intuition, receptivity, and subtle medicine. Also, receiving the streams of influence from herbal traditions, and allowing our work to flow into the world.


We emphasize action: learning by doing, gaining experience, and then putting our skills into practice. Igniting passion: for the plants and for the Great Work of healing. Fueling creativity: medicine as art.


We cultivate a mind in tune with nature, informed by the theory and wisdom of the craft. Book learning, research, adding to our store of knowledge. Being a voice for nature, for holism and for health.

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