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Medical Astrology Mini-Series. March 14 & 21.

All classes are held at our classroom in Marshall, NC. 115 Blannahassett Island, Room 209.


medical astrology mini-series

with ash sierra of ritual botanica

Humans have looked to the stars for seeking guidance and understanding long before written records can account. Most of our ancestors lived astrological knowledge; turning to the sky for pilgrimages and plantings, tracking & tides. We’ve been coevolving with the heavens since the beginning, it only makes sense an entire school of body-mind-spirit medicine was crafted around its presence. Tracing the exact origins of medical astrology is difficult because it transformed as cultures merged, however, there are references to this system before the turn of the millennium. Countless traditional cultures have evidence highlighting the importance of events taking place in the night above. Astrology was once second nature to healing practices in many areas of Europe. It informed everything from a persons disposition and cause of disease, to cure and to treatment dates. Most of the western medical astrology we know today was a vital part of health and healing from the Hellenistic period until it’s decline during the scientific revolution.

Much like other traditional systems of herbal medicine astrology is a complex practice that can be studied indefinitely. Unfortunately, it’s gained a bit of bad rap, becoming taboo in medicine, appearing as a weekly entertainment column for a chuckle. However, its assessment tools are not much different than other widely accepted schools of traditional medicine. Each component contains a piece of the puzzle, and there are components within components. Western astrology is a true piece of hermetic knowledge – As above so below.

Western astrology may be based on the twinkling heavens above but is actually grounded in Earth energy, in our planet’s relation to the life-giving sun, in seasonal knowledge, in the ways this is reflected in our being as it develops consciousness, manages mental and physical states. When we look at it through this lens it becomes much more intuitive and easy to grasp.

For many with European ancestors, medical astrology provides a constitutional system that has been in our blood for centuries to practice herbal medicine and other empowering wellness modalities. There are many medical astrology concepts that parallel those found in Ayurveda, TMC, vitalism, Unani-Tibb and other humoral approaches. The astrological system provides 3 modes, 4 humors, 12 temperaments; language for energetically discussing plants, actions and tissue states; and blueprint of the specific mind-body-soul constitution. As I said, it’s complex, and can get very specific and individualized for clinical assessment.

This class is an introduction to western medical astrology using the Placidus house system. While providing a general understanding of the basics of Astrology, we will spend time exploring what each element represents, how it in the body and how all the pieces combined inform this system of medicine.

This series is a foundational step in western medical astrology using the Placidus house system. History will briefly be discussed then we’ll dive into the core of this system over the course of 2 classes, looking at each piece individually and how it layers in our chart to create our astrological make-up. While providing a rooted understanding of Astrology in general, we will spend time exploring how each piece informs physical, spiritual and global health, as these cannot be separated.

Day 1: March 14, 11am-6pm

History, overview, elements, modes, the intrapersonal zodiac signs

Lunch 1 hour

the extrapersonal zodiac signs

Day 2: March 21, 11am-6pm

The celestial bodies (luminaries, planets, nodes)

Lunch 1 hour

Ascendant, houses, & next steps into piecing the chart interpretation together.

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