It begins with connection. Roots deep in the fertile earth, nourishing connection to the land. Knowledge & skills: a strong foundation in the everyday practice of herbcraft, listening to nature, wild harvesting, gardening, and medicine making, grounded in care for life on Earth.


It’s all about the flows. Learning how energy moves in nature and in the human body and working with those flows. Cultivating intuition, receptivity, and subtle medicine. Also, receiving the streams of influence from herbal traditions, and allowing our work to flow into the world.


We emphasize action: learning by doing, gaining experience, and then putting our skills into practice. Igniting passion: for the plants and for the Great Work of healing. Fueling creativity: medicine as art.


We cultivate a mind in tune with nature, informed by the theory and wisdom of the craft. Book learning, research, adding to our store of knowledge. Being a voice for nature, for holism and for health.

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